Consumer Price Index (CPI)

Current CPI

The CPI numbers are released mid-month, and LGPI will update this page when they are published. These figures are reported by the Bureau of Labor Statistics.  You can hear the current figures anytime by calling (202) 691-6994.


The newer index, reflecting the buying habits of all urban households.


The revision of the “old CPI,” reflecting the buying habits of urban wage earners and clerical workers.

West – Size Class B/C is the CPI based on cities with populations of less than 2,500,000 in 13 Western states (as of February 1, 2018).

Pacific - Size Class B/C is a division of the West Region including cities in CA, OR, WA, AK & HI. 

Because they’re new, we won’t have 12-month data changes to report; so, for now, we’re using the base period of December 2017 as reference.  As time goes on the reference point will change to a look back of 12-months as with the other indexes.