LGPI Services

LGPI offers a variety of services to cities, counties and special districts in Oregon.

No-Cost Technical Assistance

  • Answers to FLSA, FMLA, OFLA, labor relations, hiring, job classification, and employment policy etc.
  • Grievance and discipline/discharge assessment
  • Find available resources on specific topics
  • Organized information on how local governments handle specific issues
  • Sample position descriptions

Information & Training

  • Labor contract negotiation, analysis/consultation and arbitration/mediation
  • Contract/discipline grievances and arbitrations
  • Interest/grievance arbitration
  • ERB matters, including ULPs and union-formation matters

Consulting Services

  • Job Analysis/job description development
  • Background investigation services
  • Performance measurement system development
  • Background checks
  • Compensation surveys
  • Organizational structure review and design
  • Human resources audits
  • Dispute resolution/mediation
  • Policy development
  • Wage and hour assistance
    • FLSA Analysis
    • Wage and Hour claims